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Experience the synergy of content and connection. From crafting stellar content to high-quality link building processes, we have your back. Transform your organic growth strategy with Our SaaS SEO services and enjoy Increased referral sign-ups, MRRs, and SUCCESS

Just a Few of Our Successful SaaS Link Building Strategies

Links We Build to Build Your SaaS

Links We Build to Build Your SaaS

The services that help us deliver successful SaaS Link Building

STEP 1: Backlinks Audit & Analysis

We start with performing an in-depth Backlinks Audit to understand and analyze your SaaS's current status regarding its Backlinks Power. Our team conducts an SEO audit that involves a competitive link analysis, checking for links in existing product listicles or articles and your current backlink profile to see your position in the list of competitors. All this information enables us to craft a detailed link-building strategy to help your SaaS reach the top.

STEP 2: Content-Driven Link-Building Plan

Before we start with major tweaks and changes, we first search for opportunities within existing content. We review existing content to identify pieces that can be improved, updated, or repurposed for link acquisition through content optimization. We pinpoint gaps where new content can be created to attract links, improve internal linking, analyze anchor text distribution, and look for new opportunities, Once these areas have been identified, our team drafts high-quality, relevant content for guest posts on authoritative sites, infographics, or any other format that can attract links. We ensure the content is tailored to the platform or audience it's intended for, and that too on reputable sites.

STEP 3: Link Prospecting

The real job begins with evaluating how many backlinks we need across the website (home, product pages, etc.) and shortlisting key pages.Our link-building team identifies and works on existing low-hanging link opportunities and builds overall domain authority and brand presence by conducting expansive link prospecting and executing several link-building processes. We Identify potential high-quality linking sites using tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, BuzzSumo, etc., and segment opportunities into categories such as guest posts, industry directories, software review sites, forums, Q&A sites, etc. Once a link opportunity is secured, we ensure a natural and contextual link placement on high-authority sites.

STEP 4: Link Building Performance Monitoring

We routinely monitor and report on the performance of link-building campaigns and inform you how these links impact the key SaaS backlinks metrics. Our periodic updates and detailed reports include your keyword ranking and visibility on intent-driven keywords, the growth in organic traffic on the pages we are building links to, and total referring domain, domain authority, and growth comparison versus competitors.

STEP 5: Link Building Reach Expansion

We're not done just yet. Once we have established a presence and gained the required rankings on targeted keywords/pages, we improve the backlinks profile of new & previously untapped keywords and content. Along with this, we continue adding backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites to keep building on SEO and backlinks authority.

Inside Our Proven Link Building Approach

Software Directories

Review sites are important as a go-to option for people seeking the best solutions and software for a particular purpose. As much as the product reviews matter, the presence of a SaaS on such a site has a great impact. Inclusion in popular, high-authority software directories can enhance visibility to a targeted audience and boost SEO through quality backlinks. We identify directories relevant to your niche and add your SaaS there so your target customers find their way to your website through backlinks, providing exponential growth in relevant traffic and conversion.

Product Inclusion

Having your SaaS placed in a list of reviews of similar solutions on a high-authority platform is like being featured on the cover of Times magazine or Vogue. The only difference is that this one leads you to success, while the latter requires you to succeed first. Our SaaS link-building services feature your product on relevant review or listicle sites for visibility among some of your top competitors and diverse audience. These platforms attract users actively seeking solutions, and their traffic is high-quality. It has a higher likelihood of conversion, gives you high-quality backlinks, and boosts your SEO.

Resource Pages

These web pages link to excellent content on a particular subject, acting as a go-to resource for that topic. We hunt for the most authoritative resource pages in your niche and reach out to the owners with your high-quality content as a valuable addition, exposing your content to a wider audience and building quality links.

Broken Links

This method involves finding high-ranking broken links on other websites and offering your content as a replacement. Replacing broken links helps the site owner improve their site while providing you with a quality backlink. We employ the most sophisticated tools to identify broken links on relevant websites and then reach out to the site owner, suggesting your link as a suitable replacement.

Guest Blog Links

Guest Blog Links Guest blogging is word-of-mouth on the internet. It can expand your reach, build relationships with other industry players, and secure quality backlinks. We utilize this key channel to build links for your SaaS. We pitch our quality content for your SaaS on blogs, including where your link would fit naturally and drive traffic to your page.

Why Us?

Services Stratigia IN-HOUSE SEO Other agencies
100% SaaS Focused
Data-backed and intent-driven
Meticulous research for niche-specific, high-quality link-building opportunities
High-quality link-building
Regular reporting and accountability
100% process transparency
Use of guest blogs, directories, and resources
Flexibility and scalability
Cost-effective solutions

Impeccable Link Building for EVERY SaaS Business

Skyrocketing the success of your SaaS was never this easy. All you need to do is to reach out to us, and we shall take care of the rest.

Our SaaS Marketing Results








For SaaS companies, targeted link building helps establish authority in the industry, drives targeted traffic, and can increase sign-ups and conversions.

We employ various strategies, including content outreach, guest posting on industry blogs, leveraging SaaS directories and resource pages, and targeting software review sites.

Link building is a long-term strategy. It can take time to see improvements in rankings and traffic. However, the timeline varies based on your website’s competitive landscape and current state. As a purely white-hat SaaS link-building agency, we employ only the most transparent ways which is why we do not promise fake timelines.

Honestly, no, we don’t. And NO ONE should. To achieve specific targets, link quality is important instead of quantity. We don’t guarantee a set number but commit to delivering high-quality, relevant backlinks that drive results. In fact, as a rule of thumb, if any agency promises you a certain number of links, the best way out is to get out of there!

Yes, we have a team of expert content writers familiar with the SaaS industry, capable of creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content that resonates with your audience. Our content creation services segment content based on the type (BoFu, MoFU, ToFU) and intent (traffic, conversions, links). If you’re a SaaS business that wishes to leverage AI tools, our writers have the expertise to use and utilize them to their full potential to deliver the best, most relevant content.

We vet potential linking sites for relevance, authority, and trustworthiness. We avoid spammy or low-quality sites, ensuring that your backlinks come from credible sources related to the SaaS industry.

The ROI can vary based on multiple factors, but our primary goal is to increase organic rankings, drive qualified traffic, and boost sign-ups and conversions. We’ll track and report on these metrics to ensure transparency and value.

Our outreach process is personalized and targeted. We contact relevant websites and bloggers in the SaaS space. And yes, we offer content creation services for guest posts to ensure they’re high-quality and relevant.

Impeccable Link Building for EVERY SaaS Business

Skyrocketing the success of your SaaS was never this easy. All you need to do is to reach out to us, and we shall take care of the rest.

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