How we helped OrderCircle increase its Organic traffic & conversions

How we helped OrderCircle increase its Organic traffic & conversions

The Problem

OrderCircle is a B2B Software for Wholesale Distributors that started business in 2014. OrderCircle was getting decent traffic, but they were lacking a lot in terms of ranking and traffic on important intent-driven commercial keywords such as;

  • Wholesale software
  • Wholesale Order Management Software
  • B2B Order Management Software

And this is also reflected in their conversions and conversion rates, which weren’t progressing the way they wanted.

Their traffic for the last 2 years has been plateauing, and they were not going anywhere.

The Solution

We wanted OrderCircle to have a lean SEO approach that was mainly focused mainly on;

  • Improving Quality of Traffic
  • Improving Keyword Ranking
  • Increasing Conversions and Conversion Rates

We created an Agile Bottoms Up SEO Framework that focused on increasing their reach and engagement for their product. Our primary goal was not just to increase the traffic, but increase where it matters.

Onpage Optimization

We started with a landing page quality audit to understand how well their money pages are positioned to attract the quantity and quality of traffic. The findings in the audit were implemented on their website, which mainly focused on.

  • Improving the content on their money pages
  • Optimizing the pages for relevant keywords so they attract the right audience.

Created more Landing Pages

Though they already had the right feature pages, they lacked the industry/use case pages, which would help them with different types of wholesalers.

Built Backlinks

Worked on outreach-based links campaign to increase the number of links and almost doubled them in 6 months.

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The Results

Keyword Reach Improved

After our optimization and content upgrade implementation, OrderCircle significantly improved its reach for the most important keyword, Wholesale Software.

They were previously not even shown in Google Search Results when someone searched for Wholesale Software.

And their overall ranking compared to last 6 months dramatically improved whether you reach the rankings for previous 6 months.

Or as fresh as the last 28 days, they saw a massive improvement in overall rankings on intent-driven commercial keywords.

And they reached the first page on their primary keyword within just a few months.

Improvements in Traffic & Conversions

OrderCircle started witnessing an increase in website traffic with a more than a 10% increase in traffic in the first few months and a more than 55% increase in conversions.

This shows that the quality of traffic matters more than the quantity of traffic. And this also led to a snowball effect on their entire conversions, which increased by 77%.

Content Marketing Success

As previously mentioned, we created a series of new industry pages for them, which started driving high quality and quantity of traffic for them

Their overall traffic spiked significantly

With one single article driving almost 5000 monthly visits alone.

As well as backlinks 1000+ backlinks from 100+ domains

If you have a B2B SaaS product and you are struggling with getting traction from organic search, reach out to us today to learn how we can make it into a sustainable growth machine.

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