200X growth in Traffic & Conversions for ZarMoney

Overview of ZarMoney (Accounting SaaS) 

ZarMoney offers a comprehensive accounting software suite in the cloud, tailored to meet the needs of small, medium, and large-scale enterprises. It enables effortless money management for businesses of all types, including e-commerce ventures and expanding entities with multiple brick-and-mortar establishments. 

The Problem

The overall organic growth of ZarMoney had been stagnant for some, or it was not up to the speed they expected it to be;

From around 357 organic visits / month, they could increase it to only around 1000 visits / month after 2 years.

With ranking around for just 100 intent keywords.


And just around 172 conversions throughout the year

The Solution – Bottom Funnel Optimization + Development

ZarMoney being in a super competitive niche, needed a major overhaul across;

  • Adding more intent driven landing pages (features, solutions, industries)
  • Optimization on all existing landing pages
  • Adding more intent driven bottom funnel blog posts

A – Landing Pages Optimization

Bottom Funnel Optimization was performed on all existing landing pages to ensure they attract high quality / intent driven traffic. This optimization included ;

  • Improving Page Titles & Descriptions
  • Adding / improving content
  • Adding / improving internal links

B – Adding New Intent Driven Landing Pages

ZarMoney was lacking in the depth and type of intent driven landing pages that are targeted to attract / capture demand from existing organic traffic. The type of pages that were created includes ;

  • Features Pages (explaining more on a specific feature)
  • Solution / Use Cases Pages (explaining more on a different way to use the product)
  • Industry Pages (pages designed for a specific industry)
  • Alternative Pages (comparing ZarMoney with industry names such as QuickBooks alternative


C – Creating BoFu Blog Posts

To add on to the Landing Pages, we created several BoFu Blog Posts targeted at attracting prospects down in buyer journey.


D – Building Links in Product Listicles

To add on to the landing pages optimization and creating new landing pages and BoFu blog posts, we also gained several high-quality links on websites like Hubspot.

The Results 

A – Almost 200% increase in organic traffic 

In a year, ZarMoney saw an increase of almost 200% in organic traffic.


B – 1st page ranking on a lot of intent-driven keywords and BoFu increased from just around 100 to over 2000 keywords

With just around 100 intent-driven keywords in the year earlier, we helped ZarMoney rank more than 2000 intent-driven / Bofu keywords.


C – Blog Posts driving a lot of intent-driven traffic


D – Landing Pages & Blog Posts converting into conversions

The best part is that landing pages and blog posts attracted high-quality, intent-driven audiences and generated conversions.

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