How we helped Week Plan from negative growth to more than 100% growth in traffic and conversions?

How we helped Week Plan from negative growth to more than 100% growth in traffic and conversions?

The Problem

Week Plan is a B2C SaaS in the Productivity niche that had been in business since 2012. Since their launch, they had mostly received traffic on their brand name and on their homepage. However, after a few years, when the market starts to become competitive, they started losing not only traffic but customers as well.

With more than a 40% drop in traffic and conversion on the homepage, they needed an SEO strategy that not only stabilizes and improves their traffic but also increases more sources of organic traffic & conversions for their SaaS.

The Solution

Week Plan was clearly lacking content, both in the form of top-funnel content that will drive traffic from prospects, early in their journey, as well as bottom-funnel content targeted at reaching prospects down in their journey


We created a series of different 

1 – Product Led Content 

This content was in the form of Week Plan Academy which explained the complete methodology behind the Week Plan’s product framework.

2 – Product Targeted Top of funnel Content

This was top-funnel content but it was product targeted / topically relevant blog posts that not only have the potential to increase monthly visitors but can also lead to conversions

3 –  New Intent Driven Landing Pages / Website Pages

New Intent-driven landing pages that are focused on expanding/explaining product capabilities/use cases and can also drive new traffic. 

The Results

  • 95% + increase in website traffic
  • 100%+ increase in conversions

Academy Pages / Product-led Pages

Here is how the product-led academy pages grew over time. Not only they consistently attract thousands of new visitors every month but they are also signing up for the product and using it.

Blog Posts

With Content that drives thousands of traffic and conversions month over month

New Landing Pages

The new landing pages are not only driving quality organic  / inbound traffic consistently but also delivering new organic signups

And have 1st-page ranking for 100’s of intent-driven and super competitive keywords

And a lot more closing in on the 1st page


No SEO campaign is complete without backlinks. But our approach to building links on content has always been different. 


We focus on building content that attracts and earns links. And this is what happened with our content as well and they attracted hundreds of new backlinks for them over time as well.

And they have been consistently earning new backlinks

Across all of their content

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