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Our Proven SaaS SEO Growth Strategy

Our SaaS SEO Consultancy uses trials & signups-driven SEO Strategy that focuses on activities that impact your bottom line.

seo audit analysis
Step 1

SEO Audit & Analysis

We start with doing an in-depth SEO Audit (SaaS SEO Metrics focused) to understand and analyze not only the SEO side of growth but, importantly, the business metrics;

  • Where is your SaaS currently as far as its SEO power?
  • What SEO activities have been done so far and their impact on your SaaS?
  • Who are your top competitors in SEO and overall? 
  • Where do you want your SaaS Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) to be in the next quarter/year?
  • How many trials/signups/conversions SEO / Organic traffic is currently driving?.
seo strategy
Step 2

Create SaaS SEO Strategy

After a good understanding of current SEO health and business metrics, we prepare a SaaS SEO Strategy that aligns with your long and short-term SEO & business growth targets. 

  • Define what SEO activities need to be done to reach our targeted growth goal ( traffic, trials, conversions, MRR). This includes the type and quantity of content that needs to be updated/created ( feature pages, solution pages, comparison pages, blog posts), essential backlinks needed ( software / SaaS directories profile, product listicles, Resource Pages), and what needs to be done on the website ( speed optimization, conversion rate optimization, readability) 
  • Highlight and prioritize existing growth opportunities that have traffic as well as conversion impact in a short period (feature/solution pages optimization, SERP features, internal linking)
  • Provide a roadmap of SEO implementation, which first focuses on existing opportunities and works in parallel to create & expand new SEO growth opportunities
seo execution
Step 3

SEO Execution

We implement the SEO strategy identified to start getting organic results for your SaaS. Here is what a typical SEO implementation plan looks like;

  • Execute low-hanging SEO opportunities at the start that drives quick results. Starting from fixing Technical SEO issues to improving the quality of the content (key product pages) and doing PR style product/backlink inclusion campaigns
  • Fill in essential SEO gaps or expand your reach by adding more targeted & intent-driven content and acquiring new backlinks.
  • Build on the second in line SEO opportunities ( low competition keywords/product angles, existing high-hanging opportunities)
seo performance monitoring
Step 4

SEO Performance Monitoring

We routinely monitor and report on the performance of SEO marketing activities and keep you informed on the most important SaaS SEO Metrics.

  • Keyword ranking & visibility on intent-driven keywords. For example, getting ranked for "SEO Software for SaaS" will drive higher quality of traffic intending to use an SEO Software as compared to "SaaS SEO," which is just an informational keyword.
  • Growth in organic traffic and how many trials/signups/conversions it's driving, including the work done for low and high hanging SEO opportunities
  • Brand visibility & digital PR - i.e., how many highly relevant blogs/blog posts are not only mentioning your SaaS product but also sending referral signups
expand and dominant seo reach
Step 5

Expand & Dominante Organic Reach

Our SaaS SEO Strategy initially ( first 3-5 months) focuses on gaining quicker traction through working on existing SEO opportunities ( low + high hanging opportunities) and building the foundation for long-term growth ( by publishing essential product pages). Once we start gaining results from the initial baseline improvements and developments, we identify the next best opportunities we can get SEO value out of. 

  • Start improving traffic & conversions from new & previously untapped keywords and content.
  • Increase overall organic presence and be found on more intent-driven keywords and content 
  • Keep on decreasing the cost of acquiring new trials and customers as, in time, more keywords & content will start driving results.

Our SaaS SEO Results

Don't take our word for it; here are some happy SaaS businesses raving about us.

Our SaaS SEO Services Expertise

The Services that help us deliver successful SaaS SEO Marketing campaigns

SaaS SEO Strategy

Creating an SEO strategy that goes beyond traffic & links and prioritizes agile and MRR driven SEO activities

SaaS SEO Consulting

We can work together with you to help your team build a scalable and results-first SEO roadmap.

Link Building for SaaS

We build links that help with the core SEO objectives and drive high-quality referral traffic that converts.

Content Marketing for SaaS

Create content for your SaaS that drives inbound traffic, attract & earn backlinks, and, most importantly, engages & convert them into a user.

SaaS SEO Management

Completely outsource your SEO, Content Marketing & Link Building campaigns to us to move your organic / SEO growth needle quickly and effectively than doing it internally.

Technical SaaS SEO

We work with your website developers to ensure that your website has the best possible speed and doesn't have any google-repelling technical issues.

Why work with our SaaS SEO Agency?

high specialized

Highly Specialized - our agency only provides SaaS SEO services

Our agency is super-focused, and we only work with and provide SEO Services for SaaS companies. So whether it's content, building links, or technical optimizing a website, we have vertical experts in our team. Also, more than 50% of people have worked in a B2B SaaS company before joining us.

saas mrr

Focus on your bottom line - increasing your SaaS MRR

Yes, organic traffic and keyword rankings also matter for us, but what if that doesn't translate to trials/conversions? This is why we work on a bottom-up approach and SEO opportunities that target audiences deeper in the sales funnel and are more likely to convert.


Cost-Effective & Affordable - Our services pay for itself

By focusing on the bottom of the funnel lead generation activities, we can attract potential customers much quicker than standard SEO tactics, delivering faster SEO ROI for your SaaS and reducing marketing spend.

And our Answers to the 3 most common SaaS SEO Questions.

A typical SEO agency generally focuses on standard metrics such as traffic, links, and keywords ranking. However, a SaaS or Software SEO Agency relates all of the above to the bottom line – i.e., how many leads, trial signups, MQLs, SQL’s, and MRR all SEO activities bring in. Also, the tactics employed in creating content and backlinks are very different from regular SEO agencies.

At a minimum, it takes 3-6 months to start seeing some organic / SEO movement and more than 12 months to see substantial growth. Of course, it all depends on many factors mentioned above, but most SaaS companies can experience anywhere from 5%-15% to upwards of 50% growth, quarter over quarter.

The cost of SaaS SEO depends on multiple factors such as competition, the efforts required, and the velocity of SEO activities. But typically, most SaaS companies experience a minimum growth of 5%-15% quarter over quarter on a small budget (~$1500 / month), and their customer acquisition costs start decreasing.

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