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At Stratigia, we dive deep into the heart of your software, understanding its intricacies and presenting them in words that resonate with your audience and search engines. We're not just content writers; we're Content Gurus! Blending engaging storytelling with top-tier optimization, every piece of content we craft ensures your unique selling proposition shines bright in a crowded digital skyline.

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Spotlight on SaaS: Our SEO Content Writing Services

We specialize in crafting SEO-rich, successful content marketing strategies tailored to SaaS business goals, ensuring organic traffic reaches and resonates with your target audience.

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Just a Few of Our Successful SaaS SEO Strategies:

We’re not newbies in this field. We’ve been there and done that. Perfectly!

Stratiga revive Connectio's Traffic: How 8 evergreen blog posts generated thousands of monthly visitors, established them as thought leaders, and secured top rankings and social engagements.


Growth of Social Shares


In Monthly Traffic

Stratigia transforming Sprintful's Presence: From Startup to SEO Success with 1000x Traffic Growth and Top Rankings for 700+ Keywords in a Limited Period of Just One Year.


Increase in Keyword


Increase in Monthly Traffic

"HyperOffice's targeted SEO boost: Stratigia turn underperforming content into conversion powerhouses for their SaaS suite, with a staggering 271% increase in blog traffic and over 56% rise in landing page conversions


Increase in Traffic


Increase in Conversions

Stratigia elevates's SEO Strategy: Achieving 1000 monthly visitors, top 10 rankings for high-quality keywords, and contextual backlinks from high-DR websites with a focus on audience-driven, high-quality blog content.


Visitors/month Globally

Top Ranking

High-quality keywords

Spilling the Beans on Our Proven SaaS Content Writing Process

Step 1: Content Audit & Analysis

First, we check where your SaaS stands regarding content quality. We look at how well your pages about features, solutions, and comparisons are doing and see how particular content types stack up against competitors. Next, we discuss your monthly goals for the money you hope to make in the coming months or years. We end by planning what content pieces need to be made or any content upgrades to get the best results.

Step 2: SaaS Content Strategy Process

Knowing the current state of your content and essential business numbers, our content strategists make a plan to help you meet your content, SEO, and growth goals. We decide on the exact actions to achieve our targets: increasing potential customers, getting more trials, or improving conversions. We identify what content needs attention. We also look at other website elements, like speed, how well it turns visitors into customers, and improving images for SEO.

Step 3: Content Writing Execution

Our expert content team gets down to business with composing actionable content that is intent-driven yet insightful. Our authentic, expert-led content is run through several content writing tools to ensure every piece is the epitome of perfection, from grammar to keyword placement to originality. We fill in any content gaps or add new content that matches the ideal customer profile, like comparisons or specific industry pages. We also strengthen content around main topics and link them well within the site, making sure they become go-to pages for those topics.

Step 4: Content Performance Monitoring

We closely monitor our content output, especially in bringing in the right kind of visitors. We check how much the traffic from search engines increases and see how it leads to things like signups. Beyond counting visits, we also see how visible our content is online and notice other websites linking to ours because they find our content valuable. Ensuring our amazing content benefits customers and brings awareness is also a key metric of our performance monitoring.

Step 5: Expanding & Dominating Organic Reach

Initially, we focus on quick wins by fixing what's there and adding essential pages. After seeing the results of these changes, we move ahead of the awareness stage and look for new content opportunities that can bring more visitors links or support final buying decisions. The goal is to lower the customer acquisition cost and the cost of getting new trials and add more content that helps turn visitors into customers over time. 

Why Us?

Services Stratigia In-House SEO Other Agencies
Completely SaaS Focused ✅ ✅ ✅
Specialized Content Services ✅ ✅ ✅
Creative and Strong Content Creation Capabilities ✅ ❌ ❌
Using AI to generate purposeful content ✅ ❌ ❌
Equally effective AI and Human-based content creation ✅ ❌ ❌
Intent-driven Content Creation ✅ ❌ ✅
SEO-friendly Ranking-guaranteed Content ✅ ❌ ✅
Cost Efficiency ✅ ❌ ❌

Our SaaS Marketing Results

Answering Questions Before You Ask Them… You’re Welcome.

At Stratigia, we believe in creating not just content but value. Our specialized knowledge in SaaS, cutting-edge keyword analysis, and tailored approach ensure that our data-driven content not only ranks but resonates with your target audience. Our holistic approach, from content audits to performance monitoring, sets us apart.

Our process begins with a meticulous content audit and keyword analysis. We leverage advanced tools to uncover high-impact target keywords relevant to your niche. Each piece of content is crafted around these keywords, ensuring it’s optimized for search engines and your audience. Regular performance monitoring allows us to continuously adapt and refine our strategies.

Absolutely! All our case studies are available on our website. Upon request, we can share samples of our SEO content and case studies showcasing the tangible results our strategies have achieved for SaaS companies like yours.

Our team at Stratigia prides itself on adaptability and thorough research. For industries or topics we’re venturing into, our first step is comprehensive research to understand the nuances. We also prioritize communication with our clients to gain insights and ensure accuracy and relevance in every piece of content.

The turnaround time largely depends on the scope of the project. However, at Stratigia, we always aim to deliver top-quality content promptly. We can provide a more specific timeframe once we understand your requirements.

Our pricing is competitive and reflects the value we bring to the table. The cost varies based on the project’s length and requirements. We can discuss your needs and provide a quote tailored to your project.

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