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Our SaaS Link Building Agency has built high-quality backlinks for these SaaS brands

Our Proven SaaS Link Building Strategy

Our SaaS Link Building Consultancy focuses on building links that have the best potential to increase our SEO impact and generate more signups.

seo audit analysis
Step 1

Backlinks Audit & Analysis

We start with performing an in-depth Backlinks Audit (SaaS Backlinks Metrics focused) to understand and analyze; 

  • Where is your SaaS currently as far as its Backlinks Power (Total Referring Domains, domain Authority / Rating)?
  • Where is your SaaS mentioned/added in existing top product listicle articles and where do we have the opportunity?
  • How far are we behind our competitors or the overall SEO / Link building target where we need to be?
  • How many backlinks do we need in the short/mid/term for our SEO/ Link Building Campaigns?
saas link building strategy
Step 2

SaaS Link Building Strategy Plan & Execution

After a good understanding of current Backlinks & SEO health and business metrics, we prepare a Link Building plan;

  • Starts with evaluating how many backlinks we need across the website ( home, product pages, etc.) and shortlisting key pages ( pages that are potentially quickest to rank and have conversion potential)
  • Identifying and working on existing low-hanging link opportunities such as including our product in existing articles, adding a resource page, and more.
  • Build overall domain authority and brand presence by establishing your SaaS company profile in prominent SaaS / Software directories.
  • Identify super-relevant and high authority blogs and increase rank on specific keywords and money pages by participating in these blogs and linking back to our product pages.
link building in performance
Step 3

Link Building Performance Monitoring

We routinely monitor and report on the performance of link-building campaigns and keep you informed on how these links are impacting the key SaaS backlinks metrics.

  • Monitor keyword ranking & visibility on intent-driven keywords, especially when building contextual backlinks via guest posts and content contribution.
  • Growth in organic traffic, specifically on the pages we are building links to and how many trials/signups/conversions it's driving.
  • Track the overall Brand visibility & digital PR to monitor total referring domain, domain authority, and growth comparison versus competitors.
expand link building
Step 4

Expand Link Building reach.

Our SaaS Link Building Strategy initially ( first 3-5 months) focuses on gaining quicker traction through working on building links in existing articles, foundational backlinks from software directories, and keyword / content-based links from guest posts. Once we have made an established presence and gained the required rankings on targeted keywords/pages;

  • Start improving the backlinks profile of new & previously untapped keywords and content.
  • Expand backlinks portfolio to other non-product content such as link-bait and conversion-specific blog posts.
  • Continue to add backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites to keep building on SEO and backlinks authority.

Our SaaS Link Building Results

Don't take our word for it; here are some happy SaaS businesses raving about us.

All the SEO-driven content your SaaS needs

SaaS SEO Strategy

Creating an SEO strategy that goes beyond traffic & links and prioritizes agile and MRR driven SEO activities

SaaS SEO Consulting

We can work together with you to help your team build a scalable and results-first SEO roadmap.

SaaS SEO Management

Completely outsource your SEO, Content Marketing & Link Building campaigns to us to move your organic / SEO growth needle quickly and effectively than doing it internally.

Content Marketing for SaaS

Create content for your SaaS that drives inbound traffic, attract & earn backlinks, and, most importantly, engages & convert them into a user.

Technical SaaS SEO

We work with your website developers to ensure that your website has the best possible speed and doesn't have any google-repelling technical issues.

Why work with our Link Building Agency to grow your SaaS?

high specialized

Highly Specialized - our agency only builds links for SaaS companies

Our link-building agency is super-focused, and we only work with and provide link-building services for SaaS companies. More than 50% of our team has previous experience working directly in a SaaS company, and they understand what backlinks are more effective.

seo mrr

Focus on your bottom line - increasing your SaaS MRR

Whether we are building links, creating content, or working on a larger SEO campaign for your SaaS, our primary focus is to translate everything into signups & MRR. This is why, for each backlink prospect, we measure it on par with the direct or indirect conversion / MRR impact.


Cost-Effective & Affordable - Our services pay for itself

Although we actively pursue getting your SaaS product linked from highly authoritative websites, we also create content that is naturally designed to attract backlinks. This ensures that we have the perfect combo of backlinks that drive referral signups and backlinks that we earn on our content - keeping your SaaS link-building campaigns cost-effective and affordable

And our Answers to the 3 most common SaaS Link Building Questions.

A typical link-building agency generally focuses on standard backlinks, which do might help with vanity metrics such as domain authority but don’t impact your MRR. On the other hand, a SaaS Link Building agency relates all the link-building activities with the bottom line – i.e., how many leads, trial signups, MQLs, SQL, and MRR all link-building activities directly or indirectly impact.


Although the overall impact of backlinks on SEO campaigns can be visible in a few months, some backlinks start sending referral traffic from the moment they are live. For example, getting your product listed in an existing article that is highly relevant and is already driving traffic not only impacts your SEO metrics but also sends super-qualified traffic to your website.

The cost of Link building for SaaS companies depends on multiple factors such as link types, website authority where we are building links, and the overall industry competition. For example, a website or blog post that is authoritative and is already generating traffic would be more costly to acquire than a lower authority website/blog post. This is why we combine our outreach-based link-building activities with link-bait content to achieve our domain-level backlinks target.

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