How we help an Enterprise SaaS product, ShareVault, increase visitors and engagement by more than 150%?

How we help an Enterprise SaaS product, ShareVault, increase visitors and engagement by more than 150%?

The Problem

ShareVault is an enterprise SaaS Virtual Data Room (VDR) provider that has been in business since 2003. Being an enterprise solution, their platform enabled multiple billion-dollar mergers and acquisitions deals. However, since their acquisition channel mostly had been referrals and direct B2B selling, they weren’t driving much value out of their organic/inbound traffic.

For example, the traffic on their industry pages had been plateaued and had been on the same or lower level for the last 4 years.

Moreover, whatever the traffic they were getting, it didn’t have the quality ( not visiting money pages) and weren’t engaged too.

The Solution

Since their primary objective was to increase the traffic and engagement on their key pages – product, solutions and industry pages, we performed an in-depth content audit and review to analyze the pages and the optimization they require.

Some pages required a small amount of on-page/content optimization.

Whereas others required a major upgrade.

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The Results

As mentioned above, their primary goal was to increase the traffic on their key pages and engagement (visitors reviewing more pages). Since they were an enterprise solution, they generally didn’t get a lot of demo/signup requests, and most would directly reach them. So it was important for them to have an engaged audience on their key pages.

After implementing the changes on the website, they immediately start seeing results;

Growth on Industry Pages

Their Industry pages witnessed a growth of more than 155% and almost the same on their targeted goal (i.e. to get 

And this growth has spread across all the industry pages.

Plus, it impacted their organic reach as well, which tripled in 3 months with an increase in their overall keyword rankings.

Product Pages

Similarly, the product pages also had over 23% traffic growth and engagement improvement.

Solution Pages

And so do the solution pages also witnessed growth.

And all of this growth without creating new content. 

If your SaaS has built a lot of bottom-funnel content (website pages/landing pages)  over the past, but it isn’t driving the right type of traffic and audience? Reach out to us and learn how can we optimize your existing pages to increase the value they drive.

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