Case Study-Creamsoda

Top Ranking in months in a very competitive niche for CreamSoda

Overview of CreamSoda (SaaS CRM)

CreamSoda offers a user-friendly CRM solution to help businesses purchase products at lower prices than competitors, while keeping the sales team focused on selling. Their goal is to enhance customer relationships and keep sales soaring.

The Challenge – SEO Positioning in a very competitive niche

CreamSoda reached out to us when they had just launched their website / SaaS and wanted us to help them set up a Go to Market SEO Positioning. 

Since they were in a very competitive niche with competitors like Salesforce and HubSpot, we wanted to develop a way to position themselves quickly in organic searches.

So rather than competing on super-difficult keywords like “CRM Software,” we were looking for other intent-driven queries/pages that can quickly put them in search results. 

The Solution – Created low competition intent-driven landing pages

When they launched their website, they only had the homepage and a feature page. We added 10+ landing pages across the;

Features / Use Cases, such as Deal Management Software


Solutions, such as Sales Funnel Software


Alternative / Comparison Pages, such as Salesforce Alternative



The Results – 1st page ranking for a lot of intent-driven keywords in just a few months without building any links

Within a few months of publishing those new landing pages and performing some other on page optimizations, they started to rank for several keywords in the Top 10-20 results;


And all of this without building any links.

If you are a SaaS company that has recently launched your product and is looking for an MRR / Sales Driven SEO Strategy, contact us today to get a tailored SEO Positioning Plan for your SaaS.




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