The Complete list of sites to get interviewed as a SaaS Founder

For SaaS founders, there are many websites that offer outstanding information to help them learn and discover the techniques to uplift their business success.

But, do you know that getting interviewed at a reputable website can provide you with an extraordinary level of marketing which has a direct impact on your SaaS business branding.

Kristi Piehl, a member of Entrepreneur Organization from Minnesota discussed some incredible benefits of this strategy. According to him, it will not only help you to share your business message to the community but also increase the credibility of your business, too.

So, are you ready to reap all the benefits from getting interviewed at the trustworthy websites? If your answer is yes, then you come to the right place.

Here is a killer list of all top quality websites where you should get interviewed as a SaaS founder because it can seriously expand the reach of your SaaS business.


1 – All Top Startups

All top startups, is an excellent platform with 70,000 followers that share resources on starting and raising your business. They also give confidence to successful startups to discuss their success stories with them to be featured in their trendy founder lessons’ series.


2 – Beta List

Beta list is an excellent website that assists the users to access the fresh startups straightforwardly. They have a specific section on their website which is packed with the interviews of new startup founders.


3 – Board Intelligence

Board intelligence was founded in 2002. Their main purpose is to assist boards in order to have improved conversations. Their key skills lie in enabling boards to ensure what matters the most. They also interview business founders on their website time to time.


4 – Does what

Does what is a tech news website in which you can get in touch with technology related news. They also have an interview section where you can find the interviews of technology founders.


5 – FSN

FSN launched their famous FSN expert service in 2008.  These webinars are based around interviews with familiar industry leaders, tapping into their knowledge and making it accessible in a concise 30-minute session. 


6 – Groovehq

Groovehq is a nice platform where you can view the interviews of the founders behind some of the world’s most interesting companies. They aim to stand out for all the small businesses that are searching to keep things simple.


7 – HIS talk

HIS talk was started in 2003 to gather the thoughts regarding what’s going on in the technology industry. They have a separate section where they mention the interviews of the startup CEOs and founders.


8 – Indie hackers

Indie hackers offer a nice platform where hundreds of entrepreneurs discuss their stories regarding how they start the process and which things help them to grow their business in the right direction.


9 – IT Firms

IT Firms has many business interviews listed on their website of the CEOs and founders. This website has a lot of insightful stories and tips among the business leaders of technology-related industry.


10 – LAMA

LAMA provides you with personal journalist and a user-friendly tool to record your interview. They allow you to Show the world who you are and what you’re working on. You can also see the interviews of the world’s top founders and entrepreneurs that are published on an everyday basis.


11 – Mar Tech Cube

Mar Tech cube know the importance of addressing the technology challenges faced by the CMO and other marketing departments. It is one of their mission statements to become a single source destination for all the marketers and completely dedicate to the marketing technology arena.


12 – Mar Tech Series

Mar Tech Series was established in 2016. It is a rapidly growing online publication that covers News, Insights & Trends concerning Marketing Technology from all over the world. They keep the current marketer side by side of all the significant developments in the Martech Landscape. They cover a mix of ground-breaking things like entrepreneurial initiatives, creative exchanges, and insights from the leaders of the industry.


13 – Mixergy

Mixergy is a website where the ambitious discover from a mix of experienced mentors using interviews and courses. They have successfully interviewed many CEOs and founders on their website. 


14 – Next Big Product

Next Big Product is a place where thousands of individuals come together and discuss a bucket full of thoughts on a regular basis. The thoughts can be from any vertical then no matter either it is technology-related or financial-related.


15 – Quest Fusion

Quest Fusion gives planned and tactical direction for startups and rising growth companies. They mainly concentrate on entrepreneurs such as company founders and startup CEOs. Their industry focus is chiefly on technology companies, though their services are also precious to other small businesses as well.


16 – Redecentralize

Redecentralize conduct founder interviews from the founders that are passionate regarding their projects. Their interviews mainly cover three key points: The motivation regarding the business, uniqueness in their technology and their business model.


17 – Startup Chronicle

Startup Chronicle is all about startups. They feature the stories of startup founders who are in the middle of creating and raising their businesses. Their stories cover the journeys, experiences, and passions of the founder of the different company. They try their best to draw out the thoughts, inspirations, challenges, disappointments, complaints, and successes they have had throughout the process.


18 – Startup Success Stories

Startup Success Stories is a place to help others to comprehend you so that you can get the promotion. They publish your interview or story if it is an inspiration, and they also assist you to get bigger outside the restrictions of your success.


19 – Superb Crew

Superb Crew is a tech and business news and stories website that covers innovative companies – sharing news, knowledge and understanding from the tech and business world. Their community bridges the gap between innovative companies and journalists.


20 – Taalk studio

Taalk studio is a platform that publishes videos based interviews related to your business. They help you by creating a top quality video of your business by showcasing them in front of a massive audience.


21 – Tech Faster

Tech Faster is a website where you can find 300 plus startup tools. They also publish the interviews of tech-based founders and CEOs on their website.


22 – Tech Pluto

Tech Pluto covers the most up-to-date news and events from the tech & startup business. They offer a platform for promising startups and entrepreneurs to portray their product to tech-savvy viewers and also publish the interviews of tech founders.


23 – The Constant Investor

The Constant Investor is a platform that publishes the interviews of most important senior executives of a company with title starting with the letter ‘C,’ like CEO; CFO; CIO and COO. They publish new interviews on their website every Monday.


24 – The Marketing Journal

The Marketing Journal is an online website that brings the business executives, marketing thought-leaders, professionals, and practitioners collectively so that they can earn about next practices in marketing and branding. They also Interview the thought-leaders, executives, and CMOs on their website.


25 – Ai Thority

Ai Thority is a digital publication that is mainly concerned with the AI and futuristic technologies. They keep up with the altering universe of intuitive technologies with the help of news, views, and interviews with industry leaders.


26 – Yo Success

Yo Success is a website that shares the interviews of people who are implementing a ground-breaking idea that could make the world an excellent place to live. They also interview entrepreneurs who have gone through a journey to convert an idea into innovation not only in creating new technology but by building something unique.


27 – This Week in Startups

This Week in Startups is a website that brings the most interesting, outrageous and enlightening stories of the entrepreneurs. It is a nice platform to get interviewed as a SaaS founder.


28 – Failure Interview

Failure Interview is a website that publishes interviews of the startups that doesn’t get the success they were looking for. Their aim is to share the mistakes that are made by the startup founders so that other founder can be aware of all the things and learn from their past experiences.


29 – Startacus

Startacus is a community of startups, entrepreneurs, creative’s, dreamers, innovators, and self-starters. It’s a place where you can learn, share and connect with the people, places, and services that will assist to bring ideas to life. They are packed with the information, support, news, tips, interviews, and motivation to help make starting, sustaining or growing a business easily.


30 – My Startup Land

My Startup Land is an excellent website to get interviewed as a SaaS founder. They have many interviews with startup founder on their website and also have a good reputation on social media channels.


31 – Startupsnofilter

Startupsnofilter has been successfully interviewing startup founders and CEOs since 2016. They have around 50+ interviews on track; you can read some overwhelming interviews and answers from startup founders.


32 – The Startup Magazine

The Startup Magazine is an outstanding blog for entrepreneurs to discuss their experiences, and discover from one another. They promote the stories and journeys of new and successful entrepreneurs who have fought the good fight through the startup issues to achievement.


33 – Foundr

Foundr is an outstanding resource for the self-made entrepreneurs at every level of experience because they cover the stories of successful entrepreneurs. They are on a task to build a household name entrepreneurial brand that creates an impact on the lives of millions of founders on a weekly basis and will not stop till they get this vision.


34 – Startup Lesson Learned

Eric Rice is the founder of startup lesson Learned. He has conducted many interviews with the startup founders where he spots some light on the lessons that startups learned throughout their journey.


35 – IdeaMensch

IdeaMensch is a nice community for entrepreneurs from all around the world. Their task is to assist entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to life, and a big part of that is by having entrepreneurs discuss their stories with them using their interviews. They believe that short of doing it yourself, the top approach to finding out is from other successful entrepreneurs.


36 – Startup Urban

Startup Urban is a website that discusses the success stories of entrepreneurs to enhance entrepreneurship and give confidence to startups. They recognize that every success story has some ups and downs; however, it is significant to relate each one of them because they consider that every story has a diverse factor that has the potential to touch your hearts.


It is an updated list of sites to get interviewed as SaaS Founder that is checked one by one to make sure that you get the maximum exposure to your SaaS business. We understand that the ratio of success is not that high as a SaaS founder because the competition in this sector is at its peak nowadays. That’s why we want to help out all the SaaS-related business to discover million dollar stuff in no time so that they can concentrate on other important areas. 

As the Founder of Stratigia, Abbas Sarfraz has helped hundreds of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies acquire and retain customers. With hands-on experience in marketing and sales, business and product strategy, and operations for early stage SaaS companies, Abbas has perfected the art of successful SaaS Startups Launch and Growth.

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