15 Best SaaS SEO Experts

15 Best SaaS SEO Experts

Winning the SEO game is key to SaaS success. In the domain of SaaS, having a great product isn’t enough; you also need to be seen. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in – it’s not just helpful, it’s essential. For SaaS companies, adeptness in digital marketing is as crucial as the quality of their software offerings. Excelling in SEO is not merely an option but a necessity, as it can dramatically influence a company’s online visibility and, consequently, its overall success.

This article introduces the foremost authorities in SaaS SEO, a select group of fifteen experts. Whether your enterprise is in its nascent stages or has already established its market presence, these SEO experts are equipped to transform your digital footprint. 

Best SaaS SEO Experts

  • Abbas Sarfraz
  • Mellissa Jensen
  • Jessica Levenson
  • Jessie Batchelor
  • Maritsa Boucher
  • Paul Andre
  • Tanya Huang 
  • Benjamin Lanon 
  • Jose Yanez
  • Angelina Fadool 
  • David Truong 
  • Bryan Passanisi 
  • Matt Bowers 
  • Jelani Burton
  • Derek Sakamoto 

1. Abbas Sarfraz

Abbas Sarfraz SEO Expert

Abbas Sarfraz is a SaaS SEO specialist with a knack for creating engaging brand narratives highlighting how SaaS technologies address real business problems. His expertise in SaaS SEO is crucial for helping brands shape their value propositions and communicate effectively with their audience, driving conversions through well-planned SEO strategies. His approach ensures that a brand’s story is compelling and optimized for search engines, leading to increased organic traffic and a more substantial online presence.

As a versatile marketer, Abbas excels in devising customer acquisition strategies that attract prospective clients, convert leads into loyal customers, and maintain their loyalty through ongoing product enhancements. His role as the founder of Stratigia has seen him guide numerous SaaS companies in client acquisition and retention. Abbas combines his extensive experience in marketing, sales, company strategy, and operations to provide a comprehensive roadmap for successful SaaS startup launches and growth.

Incorporating elements like digital marketing strategy development, customer acquisition costs, keyword tracking, and content marketing strategy, Abbas’s methods are aligned with the needs of SaaS CEOs looking for tangible growth. 

2. Mellissa Jensen

Mellissa Jensen SEO Expert

Mellissa Jensen, with an 18-year background in search marketing, currently leads content and SEO strategies at Cisco Systems. In this role, she devises content plans that align with Cisco’s business objectives and cater to the needs of its user base. Her extensive experience in SaaS SEO gives her the insights to effectively navigate the unique optimization challenges within the SaaS industry.

Before joining Cisco, Mellissa honed her SEO skills at major companies like Intel, Thomson Reuters, DuPont, and Adobe. This background has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of digital strategy development, including vital aspects like keyword tracking and conversion rate optimization. 

At Cisco, Mellissa’s strategies incorporate key marketing elements such as Instagram and Amazon Advertising, focusing on lowering customer acquisition costs and enhancing online presence. Her approach combines data-driven strategies and technical optimization to improve Cisco’s organic search rankings and digital marketing efforts.

3. Jessica Levenson

Jessica Levenson SEO Expert

Jessica Levenson, known for her role in SaaS SEO at NetSuite, part of Oracle, approaches SEO with clarity and innovation. Her focus isn’t just on increasing page views; it extends to creating impactful content strategies that resonate well beyond basic SEO metrics. Jessica’s expertise isn’t limited to typical SEO practices; she integrates elements like Instagram and Amazon advertising, ensuring a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. 

In her current role, Jessica places a strong emphasis on teamwork and leadership. She brings together different teams for a unified goal, demonstrating the importance of collaboration in achieving successful SEO strategies. Her leadership is about guiding and mentoring, which echoes in her public speaking engagements and her ability to manage projects and programs efficiently.

Beyond technical SEO skills, Jessica’s social media engagement, link-building, and design expertise contribute to a comprehensive content strategy. She understands the buying and vetting processes, crucial elements in lowering customer acquisition costs and boosting organic growth.

4. Jessie Batchelor

Jessie Batchelor SEO Expert

Jessie Batchelor is a notable SaaS SEO expert, leading the Care Traffic Acquisition team at Virgin Media. Before joining Virgin, she was integral to Adobe’s SEO division. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Jessie specializes in developing and implementing SEO strategies tailored to the SaaS industry. Her focus is on enhancing online customer experiences and driving digital growth. 

She guides customers from their first interaction to the final steps of loyalty and conversion. Her strategic vision is complemented by her skill for detailed analysis, making her an asset in the SaaS SEO field. Jessie’s skills extend to creating digital strategy plans, setting up efficient reporting structures, and establishing clear performance indicators. She is also known for her work in Amazon and Instagram advertising, contributing to her comprehensive understanding of digital marketing.

Jessie’s role goes beyond traditional SEO; she is a mentor and consultant. She offers specialized training in SEO, helping companies understand and implement effective marketing strategies. Her work in keyword tracking, content optimization, and digital PR showcases her versatility. Jessie’s expertise is invaluable for SaaS companies looking to improve their online presence, attract more leads, and optimize customer acquisition strategies. 

5. Maritsa Boucher

Maritsa Boucher SEO Expert

Maritsa Boucher holds a key role as Senior SEO Manager at Microsoft Security. Her skill set is vast, covering crucial areas like optimizing SaaS platforms for better search engine visibility and engaging user experiences. Maritsa’s expertise is particularly beneficial for SaaS platforms, ensuring they are easily discoverable and user-friendly.

In her current role, Maritsa has also proven her proficiency in search engine marketing (SEM), offering a holistic digital marketing strategy that includes organic and paid search efforts. With over a decade of experience in the financial sector, she transitioned to SEO in 2004. Her early years were marked by successful consulting work, where she helped small businesses with SEO and SEM, leading to enhanced online presence, increased lead generation, and revenue growth. Her skill set is comprehensive, encompassing SEO, SEM, content strategy, web analytics, online reputation management, blog marketing, and strategic marketing initiatives.

Maritsa’s professional toolkit includes a deep understanding of various aspects of digital marketing. She is adept at using tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics for web analytics, understanding the buying and vetting processes, and crafting marketing strategies that include content and conversion rate optimization. 

6. Paul Andre

Paul Andre SEO Expert

Paul Andre de Vera is a notable figure in the world of SaaS SEO, currently leading growth at Twingate. Before this role, he was a key player at Workday, managing international SEO efforts. At Twingate, de Vera is not just about growth; he’s also the creative force behind several shows, including a Cybersecurity Show, the SEO Video Show, and DRE.TV. His skills in content creation and personal branding are well-acknowledged in the industry.

De Vera’s expertise shines in video SEO, a niche where he continually hones his skills. He’s passionate about learning new SEO techniques and sharing his knowledge. Through engaging video content, he offers valuable SEO tips and strategies, helping others master this vital aspect of digital marketing. His work is particularly relevant for businesses looking to improve their online presence and organic search performance.

His approach to SEO is data-driven and focuses on practical results, like reducing customer acquisition costs and enhancing keyword rankings. De Vera’s strategies often involve optimizing content for search engines and social media marketing to boost businesses’ online visibility. His work is a valuable resource for SaaS CEOs looking to develop effective digital marketing strategies, improve their SEO campaigns, and achieve long-term growth in the SaaS industry.

7. Tanya Huang 

Tanya Huang SEO Expert

Tanya Huang is DocuSign’s esteemed Global SEO Director. She is a leading figure in SaaS SEO who channels her passion into developing and sharing content that inspires readers to engage and convert. 

With a background in journalism, Tanya brings a distinct fusion of strategic foresight and a broad spectrum of digital marketing expertise. She has an impressive track record of surpassing performance benchmarks and devising scalable SaaS SEO and content strategies that drive business expansion. Her competencies cover an extensive range of fields, not limited to SaaS marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) but also encompassing local SEO, content marketing, and keyword strategy. Moreover, Tanya excels in social media management, link building, influencer marketing, competitive analysis, web analytics, and optimizing digital assets. 

Her proficiency also includes online reputation management, e-commerce marketing, cross-channel marketing, lead generation, and managing projects and budgets, positioning her as a well-rounded SaaS SEO expert in digital marketing.

8. Benjamin Lanon

Benjamin Lanon SEO Expert

Benjamin Lanon is a key figure in managing Google’s Cloud help centers and G Suite’s online properties through his role in Enterprise SEO. He is known for effectively coordinating multilingual SEO projects, ensuring Google’s help resources are easy to find and use worldwide. Lanon’s work involves producing and polishing over a hundred articles every three months, delivering helpful content in several languages. This boosts the visibility of Google’s support resources, making them more accessible to users everywhere.

Lanon’s skills as a SaaS SEO expert are evident in his approach to technical SEO and strategic planning for online visibility. His role is vital in leading SEO-focused workshops, fixing web errors like 404s, and conducting user experience (UX) research. This research is key to identifying and addressing issues hindering user satisfaction or access to information.

His commitment to SEO excellence helps shape Google’s digital strategy, keeping it at the forefront of industry standards. Lanon’s strategies blend marketing, technical know-how, and user-centered design. He integrates keyword tracking, digital marketing strategy, and content optimization, ensuring that Google’s online support meets and exceeds user expectations.

9. Jose Yanez

Jose Yanez SEO Expert

Jose Yanez, with over a decade of experience in digital marketing, leads the SEO department at Twilio. His expertise covers a broad spectrum, including Pay-Per-Click, social media campaigns, display advertising, and email marketing, all tailored for SaaS businesses. He is skilled in technical SEO, utilizing tools like Google Analytics, and focuses on specific research and development for SaaS products. Yanez also excels in market research within the SaaS niche and is adept at increasing conversion rates for software services.

In his role at Twilio, Yanez successfully integrates various elements of digital marketing, such as Instagram and Amazon advertising, into Twilio’s overall strategy. He effectively uses relevant keywords, enhances Twilio’s marketing strategy, and helps the company grow. His digital marketing approach, including content optimization and technical improvements, has significantly boosted Twilio’s online ranking and presence, leading to sustained growth in a challenging market. 

10. Angelina Fadool 

Angelina Fadool SEO Expert

Angelina Fadool, as the Head of SEO at Atlassian, has a remarkable career rooted in developing standout content strategies. Starting her journey at Zappos.com, she quickly showed her talent for creating content that resonates with audiences. Her growth continued at Fandom.com, setting the stage for her current impactful role. At Atlassian, Angelina is the driving force behind the company’s content strategy, aiming to boost its visibility on search engines. Her role is vital to Atlassian’s success, ensuring that their online content reaches and engages the right audience.

In her position, Angelina skillfully handles complex tasks such as managing website changes and migrations for Atlassian’s vast, global online presence. This involves careful planning and execution to maintain and improve the company’s SEO performance. She balances technical know-how with a keen understanding of content, managing the challenges of making Atlassian’s content accessible and relevant to a worldwide audience. 

Angelina leads a dedicated team of over 20 SEO specialists. They work together on multiple fronts, from enhancing Atlassian’s digital marketing strategy to optimizing how much it costs to acquire new customers. Her leadership is not just about maintaining rankings on search engines; it’s about comprehensive solutions that involve improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and content. Her strategies involve a blend of traditional approaches like Google Ads and newer, innovative methods in digital marketing, all geared towards building a stronger online presence for Atlassian and driving its growth in the SaaS industry.

11. David Truong 

David Truong SEO Expert

David Truong, as the SEO manager at Xero, has distinguished himself in the field of SaaS SEO through his technical expertise and strategic approach. His journey, marked by his roles as an SEO consultant for various businesses, demonstrates his commitment to achieving tangible results. Truong is known for his skill in addressing the unique challenges of SaaS platforms. Clients and peers revere him for his proficiency in enhancing online presence and driving organic growth strategies.

In his current role, Truong’s strategies are a mix of established and cutting-edge methods, including Instagram and Amazon advertising, key components in modern digital marketing. He involves himself in every step, from the initial buying and vetting process to implementing comprehensive digital marketing strategies. This includes crucial aspects like user consent, keyword tracking, and improving the cost per customer acquisition. 

Truong’s expertise is particularly beneficial in the SaaS industry, where understanding marketing intricacies is as vital as the software services offered. His strategies aim not only at immediate sales but also at fostering long-term customer relationships. This approach has successfully attracted qualified leads and ensured sustained growth for his clients. With a proven track record and extensive experience, David Truong is a key figure for any SaaS business looking to refine its SEO and digital marketing efforts.

12. Bryan Passanisi 

Bryan Passanisi SEO Expert

Bryan, currently excelling as a Senior SEO Manager at Intuit, brings over ten years of rich experience in SEO and content marketing, with a sharp focus on the SaaS industry. His journey in the field combines a deep understanding of technical aspects and a flair for creative marketing strategies. This unique combination makes him an exceptional SaaS SEO expert. His area of expertise spans comprehensive SaaS SEO strategies, where he skillfully blends content production and marketing to drive significant results.

In his role, Bryan demonstrates an impressive range of skills. He’s not just adept at the general aspects of SEO, such as technical SEO and local SEO, but also excels in more niche areas like YouTube Optimization and App Store Optimization (ASO). His ability to recover from Google Penalties, optimize sites, and build strong links and communities within the SaaS sector makes him a versatile and dynamic professional. These skills are vital in his current position at Intuit, contributing significantly to the company’s digital marketing efforts and overall strategy.

Beyond his SEO capabilities, Bryan’s proficiency with various analytics and SEO tools, including Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, and BuzzSumo, stands out. He leverages these tools to fine-tune strategies that enhance SaaS clients’ buying and vetting processes. His approach is not limited to improving the company’s ranking on search engines; it extends to crafting strategies that boost user experience and foster long-term business growth.

13. Matt Bowers 

Matt Bowers  SEO Expert

Matt Bowers, leading the SEO efforts at Zapier, brings over ten years of experience managing large-scale websites with millions of pages. His skills go beyond basic SEO; he’s especially good at creating content that grabs user attention and improves their online experience. A standout aspect of his approach is his use of A/B testing, where he compares different types of code to see what works best for users, showing his dedication to making every detail just right.

At Zapier, Matt’s role is all about smart strategies. He’s really good at improving the buying process for customers, which helps bring down the costs of getting new customers while also making existing customers happier. His focus on finding the right keywords and making content that resonates with people is key to building a strong presence online. Matt’s plans are always based on solid data, ensuring they fit well with the company’s bigger marketing goals.

What’s more, Matt does a lot more than just SEO at Zapier. He uses social media marketing and Google Ads effectively to reach more customers and grow the business organically. His ability to improve how Zapier shows up in search engine results is a big part of his job. By combining SEO with a broader digital marketing strategy, Matt has played a crucial role in making Zapier more visible online. His work is a great example for SaaS company leaders who want to strengthen their online presence and grow their businesses.

14. Jelani Burton

Jelani Burton SEO Expert

Jelani Burton is a key SEO expert at Stripe, known for his diverse skills, including SEO, community involvement, and entrepreneurial projects. He’s currently in charge of Stripe’s global SEO strategy, focusing on increasing company revenue through natural and earned media. This role involves using modern digital marketing techniques like Instagram and Amazon Advertising, which are essential in today’s market.

Before joining Stripe, Burton was a Senior SEO Marketing Manager at TurboTax. There, he developed and implemented the SEO strategy for both the self-directed and assisted tax preparation services TurboTax offers. His work was centered around tracking the right keywords and optimizing content, which is crucial for a good SEO strategy. He used data-driven methods to improve TurboTax’s search engine rankings and lower the cost of acquiring new customers.

Burton’s expertise also covers developing overall digital marketing strategies, which include optimizing marketing funnels and improving conversion rates to draw in more qualified leads. His background with digital agencies and his experience in digital PR campaigns have given him a solid understanding of marketing in the SaaS sector, making him skilled at creating effective marketing campaigns. 

15. Derek Sakamoto

Derek Sakamoto SEO Expert

Heading the SEO department at Airtable, Derek Sakamoto is widely recognized for his expertise in SaaS SEO. His background, including a significant role at Zillow Group, showcases his deep knowledge of SEO. Derek’s skills cover a range of areas, from advanced SEO techniques and using SEO tools effectively to a thorough grasp of Google Analytics. 

His experience extends to a comprehensive understanding of digital and content marketing. Derek is also skilled in search engine marketing (SEM), showcasing his ability to implement strong link-building and organic growth strategies for SaaS platforms. His approach to keyword tracking and optimization considers popular keywords, shaping a well-rounded marketing strategy that includes improving conversion rates and developing digital marketing plans. 

For SaaS marketing, Derek’s strategies are specially designed for the unique challenges of this field. He aims to lower customer acquisition costs while increasing the customer base through targeted marketing efforts, including social media. 


In 2024, skillful SEO is essential. This list of the top 15 SaaS SEO experts offers vital assistance in pivotal areas like Instagram and Amazon advertising, keyword strategy, and conversion rate optimization. 

The expertise of SEO professionals like Abbas Sarfraz is essential for SaaS companies aiming to grow their online visibility. Their strategic approaches and insights, similar to those offered by firms like Stratigia, are key in helping these businesses succeed in the competitive digital space.

As the Founder of Stratigia, Abbas Sarfraz has helped hundreds of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies acquire and retain customers. With hands-on experience in marketing and sales, business and product strategy, and operations for early stage SaaS companies, Abbas has perfected the art of successful SaaS Startups Launch and Growth.