15 Best SaaS SEO Experts

15 Best SaaS SEO Experts

Winning the SEO game is key to SaaS success. In the domain of SaaS, having a great product isn’t enough; you also need to be seen. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in – it’s not just helpful, it’s essential. For SaaS companies, adeptness in digital marketing is as crucial as the quality of their software offerings. Excelling in SEO is not merely an option but a necessity, as it can dramatically influence a company’s online visibility and, consequently, its overall success.

This article introduces the foremost authorities in SaaS SEO, a select group of fifteen experts. Whether your enterprise is in its nascent stages or has already established its market presence, these SEO consultants are equipped to transform your digital footprint. 

Best SaaS SEO Experts 

  • Jairo David Guerrero Vasquez
  • Connor Gillivan
  • Jake Ward
  • Steven Schneider
  • Amanpreet Singh
  • Liam Fallen
  • Brendan Hufford
  • Mike Khorev
  • Davor Bomeštar
  • Robbie Richards
  • Abbas Sarfraz
  • Olga Zarr SEO
  • Natalia Witczyk
  • Andy Chadwick 
  • Michal Pecánek

1. Jairo David Guerrero Vasquez

Jairo David Guerrero Vasquez is an SEO fanatic who helps CEOs and their marketing teams boost their website traffic. 

He runs 90-day SEO sprints to increase traffic tenfold and teaches teams how to maintain these gains cost-effectively. His goal is to rank websites for profitable terms, growing leads and revenue with high-quality content and a solid content process.

In the first month, Jairo audits the website and creates a strategy. The second month focuses on technical and content optimization. The third month is about adding more niche-specific content. Throughout the process, he provides custom templates and videos to ensure the team learns and grows. Jairo believes SEO is the best way to achieve sustainable growth, delivering high ROI and strong business results.

Jairo David Guerrero Vasquez

Company: Phanum

Based in: Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands 

Specialization:  Techincal SEO, SEO Audit, Keyword Research

LinkedIn Profile: /jdguerrerovasquez/

2. Connor Gillivan

Connor Gillivan, one of the best SaaS SEO experts, is an entrepreneur who has built five businesses to six, seven, and eight figures in yearly revenue. 

In 2019, he sold one of them, FreeUp, after growing it to 40+ team members and $12 million in annual revenue. Now, he’s focused on building a portfolio of over 10 B2B companies.

Connor’s strategy focuses on SEO, marketing, and effective outsourcing. He believes in building strong, affordable teams and scaling businesses with smart, sustainable methods. His expertise in website design, conversion rate optimization, and marketing strategies has helped many businesses achieve significant growth. Connor also shares his knowledge through his website and LinkedIn, offering daily tips on SEO, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Connor Gillivan

Company: TrioSEO

Based in: Denver, Colorado, United States

Specialization: SaaS SEO Services, Marketing Strategy, Website Design

LinkedIn Profile: /connorgillivan/

3. Jake Ward

Jake Ward is an impressive entrepreneur with three thriving businesses. He started young, stacking supermarket shelves, and discovered his passion for SEO while working at a print marketing agency. 

Despite facing serious health challenges and dropping out of traditional education, Jake taught himself SEO and built a successful freelancing business. By 21, he had a six-figure income from freelance clients.

Jake founded Content Growth to help companies turn their blogs into 7-figure sales channels. He co-founded Byword, a platform that helps marketers generate articles at scale, and started Kleo, a tool for LinkedIn creators. Jake has scaled his businesses to over 75,000 users and 7-figure revenues. His journey is driven by curiosity, exploration, and a desire to help others, including supporting his family.

Jake Ward

Company: Contact Studios

Based in: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Specialization: SEO for SaaS, Content Marketing, Content Creation and Strategy

LinkedIn Profile: /jakezward/

4. Steven Schneider

Steven Schneider is the co-founder and CEO of TrioSEO, a company that helps brands build authority and scale organic traffic. TrioSEO specializes in content strategy, keyword research, and creating content that both people and search engines love. Their process includes a comprehensive approach from discovery calls and website audits to content uploading and 100% on-page SEO optimization.

Before TrioSEO, Steven co-owned a content marketing portfolio, scaling it to 40 websites with a global team of 30. They achieved a 500% growth in three years, reaching $1.4M in revenue solely through organic SEO. Steven values moving the needle, promoting skills and development, creating smart solutions, supporting all populations, and maintaining authenticity with team members and clients.

Steven Schneider

Company: TrioSEO

Based in: Greater Seattle Area

Specialization: SEO, Keyword Research, Content Marketing, Content Gap Analysis

LinkedIn Profile: /schneis/

5. Amanpreet Singh

Amanpreet Singh is an SEO expert who has been helping websites get noticed for over 9 years. He knows how to make your site go from invisible to a top search result. 

Being one of the best SaaS SEO experts, he has worked with over 50 clients, driving more than $1M in revenue and generating over 10K leads.

Amanpreet offers thorough website audits, competitor analysis, and creates content that ranks well and converts visitors into customers. He believes in custom plans for each business, clear and simple updates, and strategies that deliver steady growth. His goal is to help your business get seen and meet your revenue goals.

Amanpreet Singh


Based in: Gurugram, Haryana, India

Specialization: SEO, Content Marketing, Content Strategy

LinkedIn Profile: /amanpreetsinghgulati/

6. Liam Fallen

Liam Fallen is recognized as the #1 SEO in the UK on LinkedIn and one of the top 100 creators on the platform. 

He has a remarkable journey, going from attending the worst school in Britain to studying Criminology at university. He founded the MostlyMarketing community to bring together the top 1% of marketers.

Ranked among the best SaaS SEO experts, Liam’s LinkedIn content gets between 15 and 20 million views a year. He’s known for being friendly and approachable, with new acquaintances often feeling like they’ve known him for years. Liam’s expertise and personable nature make him a standout in the SEO world.

Liam Fallen

Company: MostlyMarketing

Based in: London Area, United Kingdom

Specialization:  SaaS, SEO, Marketing Consultant, Content Strategy

LinkedIn Profile: /technical-seo

7. Brendan Hufford

Brendan Hufford, a distinctive voice in SEO, offers a refreshing perspective for those looking to understand and effectively utilize SEO in their businesses. Brendan’s approach cuts through the complexity, making SEO accessible and result-oriented. 

Brendan’s journey in SEO began with skepticism about the conventional wisdom prevalent in the field. He chose to learn from those who had real-world SEO success in various industries outside of the typical marketing niche. 

Before offering SEO services to clients, he applied his skills to diverse areas like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu websites and photography business, proving his methods in different contexts.

With over 30 SEO clients at any time and a thriving SEO community, Brendan’s strategies are tested and proven. He is dedicated to sharing what works to help designers, writers, developers, freelancers, and more master SEO for their projects. Brendan Hufford’s story is not just about SEO; it’s about applying real-world experience to teach effective strategies that drive tangible results.

 Brendan Hufford

Company: Brendan Hufford

Based in: Greater Chicago Area

Specialization: SEO Consulting for SaaS, SEO Education and Training, Content Creation and Strategy

LinkedIn Profile: /brendanhufford

8. Mike Khorev

Mike Khorev, an SEO consultant with a decade of experience, specializes in helping businesses grow their online revenue. Starting with web design and e-commerce, he quickly shifted to SEO and inbound marketing, becoming a certified expert in Google Adwords and Analytics. 

His approach is data-driven and performance-based, covering various aspects of digital marketing, including content marketing, social media, and online reputation management. Mike’s expertise in SEO is demonstrated by his ability to drive leads, optimize conversion rates, and maximize ROI for marketing investments. 

He’s a valuable asset for any business looking to improve its online presence and achieve tangible growth.

Mike Khorev

Company: Mike Khorev

Based in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Specialization: SaaS SEO Services and Consulting

LinkedIn Profile: /mikekhorev

9. Davor Bomeštar

Davor Bomeštar has been an SEO expert since 2007. He helps businesses and marketers succeed with content-based SEO and has advised over 200 firms worldwide, specializing in strategies that drive consistent results.

Davor is also a passionate educator, making SEO easier to understand through workshops, panels, speeches, mentoring, and LinkedIn posts. He offers personalized consultations, training, and workshops to help teams implement effective SEO content strategies. He loves sharing his best practices at events and conferences. 

His achievements include increasing organic traffic for a software client to 8 million monthly visitors, boosting a B2B SaaS client’s traffic to 30,000 monthly visitors, securing 2,600+ page-one keyword rankings, and significantly increasing traffic and revenue for various clients.

Davor Bomeštar

Company: Fortis Agency 

Based in: Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Specialization:  B2B SaaS, Strategist, Mentor, Speaker

LinkedIn Profile: /davorbomestar/

10. Robbie Richards

Robbie Richards, co-founder of Virayo and creator of The SEO Playbook, has over 11 years of experience running a successful SEO agency, Robbie has established himself as a leading figure in the industry. His agency, Virayo, specializes in helping B2B SaaS companies scale through strategic SEO approaches. In addition to his agency work, he offers a comprehensive training program, The SEO Playbook, which teaches repeatable processes for growing organic traffic and conversions.

Robbie’s expertise is widely recognized by industry leaders. Tim Soulo, CMO at Ahrefs, praises Robbie for his practical, value-packed content and teaching ability. Testimonials from professionals like Sujan Patel, Jamison Moore, Olga Reznikova, Noah Kagan, Mike Puterbaugh, and Charlotte Morineau attest to the effectiveness of his strategies. These endorsements highlight Robbie’s skill in driving significant organic growth and new business opportunities through SEO.

 Robbie Richards

Company: Virayo 

Based in: Boise, Idaho, United States

Specialization:  B2B SaaS, Strategist, Trainer, Speaker

LinkedIn Profile: /robbie-richards-00772925


11. Abbas Sarfraz

Abbas Sarfraz is a SaaS SEO specialist with a knack for creating engaging brand narratives highlighting how SaaS technologies address real business problems. His expertise in SaaS SEO is crucial for helping brands shape their value propositions and communicate effectively with their audience, driving conversions through well-planned SEO strategies. His approach ensures that a brand’s story is compelling and optimized for search engines, leading to increased organic traffic and a more substantial online presence.

As a versatile marketer, Abbas excels in devising customer acquisition strategies that attract prospective clients, convert leads into loyal customers, and maintain their loyalty through ongoing product enhancements. His role as the founder of Stratigia has seen him guide numerous SaaS companies in client acquisition and retention. 

Incorporating elements like digital marketing strategy development, customer acquisition costs, keyword tracking, and content marketing strategy, Abbas’s methods are aligned with the needs of SaaS CEOs looking for tangible growth. 

 Abbas Sarfraz

Company: Stratigia 

Based in: Newark, USA

Specialization: SEO, Content Marketing, Link Building

LinkedIn Profile: /abbassarfraz

12. Olga Zarr

Olga Zarr’s passion for SEO is not just professional but personal, making her stand out in the industry. Olga adopts an optimized approach to SEO, immersing herself in each project to ensure she fully understands and meets her client’s needs. She is selective about her partnerships, choosing to work with clients who appreciate the true potential of SEO.

Her services span various aspects of SEO, including monthly SEO services, SEO auditing, consultations, and specialized areas. With a background in working with big brands, small to medium-sized websites, and various roles ranging from in-house SEO to senior agency positions, Olga brings a wealth of experience to her consultancy. She has also recently specialized in the legal SEO industry in the US and has extensive experience with WordPress sites.

Olga Zarr

Company: Olga Zarr

Based in: United States

Specialization: on-page SEO, SEO Strategy, Content Analysis, and Keyword Research

LinkedIn Profile: /olgazarr/

13. Natalia Witczyk

Natalia Witczyk is an SEO Consultant and CEO of Mosquita Digital, a digital marketing consultancy that helps businesses grow their online presence and reach new markets. 

With over 9 years of experience, she specializes in creating SEO strategies customized to different markets, languages, and audiences. Natalia also teaches SEO for e-commerce, web analytics, and technical SEO at TBS Education.

Natalia has worked with clients from Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and she is a certified Google Analytics and Inbound Marketing professional. She values teamwork, open communication, and continuous learning. 

Natalia Witczyk

Company: Mosquita Digital

Based in: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain 

Specialization: SEO, Digital Marketing

LinkedIn Profile: /nataliawitczyk/

14. Andy Chadwick

Andy Chadwick is an innovative SEO consultant with nearly a decade of experience in the field, known for his unique approach to SEO. 

He has worked with venture capitalist startups and established international organizations, applying the business acumen he honed while building his startup company to a £2.5 million turnover in less than four years.

Specializing in e-commerce and lead generation sites, Andy co-founded Keyword Insights, an SEO SaaS tool, and Snippet Digital. His approach to SEO is data-driven, incorporating custom-built machine-learning tools for outstanding efficiency and effectiveness. Andy is highly skilled in all areas of SEO, including technical SEO and conversion rate optimization, but he particularly excels in four key areas: content strategy, keyword research, site architecture, and SEO strategy.

Andy Chadwick

Company: Andy Chadwick

Based in: United Kingdom

Specialization: Keyword Research, Content Analysis, and Digital Strategy

LinkedIn Profile: /andy-chadwick/

15. Michal Pecánek

Michal Pecánek is a dedicated SaaS SEO Consultant specializing in helping SaaS companies enhance their growth through SEO and content marketing. 

With over six years of experience in the field, Michal has worked with approximately 10 companies across various niches, including marketing, sales, fintech, education, and mental health.

Michal’s journey in SaaS SEO consulting began as a side gig in March 2022 and quickly evolved into a full-time endeavor. His experience includes significant roles at Ahrefs as an SEO & Marketing Educator, where he managed over 100 pieces of content, drove substantial organic traffic, and contributed to the company’s growth. He also served as the Head of Marketing at CDN77, gaining extensive marketing and management skills beyond SEO, helping double the company’s ARR.

Michal Pecánek

Company: Michal Pecánek

Based in: Czech Republic

Specialization:  SaaS SEO Consulting, Content Strategy, SEO Training and Workshops

LinkedIn Profile: /michalpecanek


Choosing the right SaaS SEO expert is a vital decision for any business aiming for growth in the digital space. The 15 experts listed here, with their unique strategies and proven track records, can propel your SaaS business toward increased visibility, higher search rankings, and more effective customer engagement.

The expertise of SEO professionals like Abbas Sarfraz is essential for SaaS companies aiming to grow their online visibility. If you’re seeking customized strategies and insights beyond these recommendations, consider exploring Stratigia.

As the Founder of Stratigia, Abbas Sarfraz has helped hundreds of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies acquire and retain customers. With hands-on experience in marketing and sales, business and product strategy, and operations for early stage SaaS companies, Abbas has perfected the art of successful SaaS Startups Launch and Growth.