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We create content that you want, your customers need, and Google loves! Our impeccable content marketing services, checking all boxes of search engine optimization, are designed to drive conversions and increase traffic so you are satisfied with your SaaS instead of struggling to make its place in the Search results. Contact us for a Content Marketing strategy that consistently attracts traffic, signups, and backlinks.

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Content Marketing Services That Make Search Engines Go S.E.Oh My!

We blow the spirit into your content from audit to optimization to content writing. We don’t just write content; we architect strategies through a holistic approach that ensures each word aligns with your goals and resonates with your audience.

Just a Few of Our Successful SaaS SEO Strategies:

Stratiga revive Connectio's Traffic: How 8 evergreen blog posts generated thousands of monthly visitors, established them as thought leaders, and secured top rankings and social engagements.


Growth of Social Shares


In Monthly Traffic

Stratigia transforming Sprintful's Presence: From Startup to SEO Success with 1000x Traffic Growth and Top Rankings for 700+ Keywords in a Limited Period of Just One Year.


Increase in Keyword


Increase in Monthly Traffic

"HyperOffice's targeted SEO boost: Stratigia turn underperforming content into conversion powerhouses for their SaaS suite, with a staggering 271% increase in blog traffic and over 56% rise in landing page conversions


Increase in Traffic


Increase in Conversions

Stratigia elevates Windsor.ai's SEO Strategy: Achieving 1000 monthly visitors, top 10 rankings for high-quality keywords, and contextual backlinks from high-DR websites with a focus on audience-driven, high-quality blog content.


Visitors/month Globally

Top Ranking

High-quality keywords

A Walkthrough of Our Proven SaaS Content Marketing Process

Step 1: Content Audit & Analysis

We begin with a meticulous Content Audit to gauge your SaaS’s position in terms of Content Authority. We delve into the performance of your current bottom-funnel pages, including features, solutions, and comparisons, and conduct a competitive analysis. Then, we help you sketch your ambitions for the upcoming quarter or year’s SaaS Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Finally, we strategize crafting a clear roadmap on which pages and posts need creation or revision to drive maximum ROI from your content.

Step 2: Creating a SaaS Content Strategy

With a clear grasp on the current health of your content and key business metrics, we craft a SaaS Content Strategy tailored to meet your immediate and long-term Content, SEO, and business growth objectives. We define the precise content activities for hitting our growth targets: traffic, trials, conversions, or MRR. We pinpoint the types of content needing creation or revision. Beyond content, we enhance other on-site content elements, from speed and conversion rate optimization to readability and image SEO.

Step 3: Content Marketing Execution

We begin by capitalizing on immediate content optimization opportunities that promise rapid outcomes. This involves refining crucial on-page SEO elements—from meta titles and descriptions to headings—while enhancing the caliber of content on key product pages. Next, we address glaring content voids or broaden your spectrum with targeted, intent-focused content, such as comparison, integration, and industry-specific pages. To cement your topical authority, we amplify content around your primary keyword or content pillar, seamlessly funneling internal links and authority to these cornerstone pages. 

Step 4: Content Performance Monitoring

We maintain a vigilant eye on the performance metrics of our Content Marketing initiatives, particularly emphasizing their prowess in magnetizing quality, intent-focused traffic. By examining the swell in organic traffic on a granular content level, we gauge its conversion prowess, tracking trials, signups, and other pivotal actions. Beyond mere numbers, we also focus on content visibility and PR aspects, taking stock of organic backlinks that our compelling content naturally attracts.

Step 5: Expanding & Dominating Organic Reach

Our SaaS Content Marketing approach initially focuses on immediate momentum by enhancing what’s already in place and addressing gaps in crucial money pages. After reaping the benefits of these foundational tweaks and expansions, we pivot towards uncovering prime content prospects, spanning traffic magnets, link attractors, and bottom-of-the-funnel supportive content, further steering towards ROI-centric endeavors. Our strategy intends to reduce the cost of acquiring new trials and increase conversion-driving content assets as we proceed. 

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ServicesStratigiaIn-House SEOOther Agencies
Completely SaaS Focused✅✅✅
Specialized Content Services✅✅✅
Creative and Strong Content Creation Capabilities✅❌❌
Using AI to generate purposeful contents✅❌❌
Equally effective AI and Human-based content creation✅❌❌
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SEO-friendly Ranking-guaranteed Content✅❌✅
Cost Efficiencyy✅❌❌

Our SaaS Marketing Results

Answering Your Questions Before You Ask Them… You’re Welcome.

Well, we’re not just any other content marketing company. We’re SPECIFICALLY a SaaS content marketing agency catering to SaaS businesses’ exclusive and unique needs. We have worked with numerous SaaS clients across various verticals, helping them achieve their content marketing goals. Our team understands the individual needs and challenges of SaaS companies and crafts strategies that cater specifically to them.

We set our KPIs for measuring success at the beginning of our content marketing process. Whether organic growth or lead generation, conversion, or engagement, we determine our metrics and use them to see how far we’ve come.

Our initial phase involves deep research into your brand, products, and target audience. We also hold brainstorming sessions with your team to understand and capture the brand’s voice.

SEO is integral to our content strategy. We conduct keyword research competitor analysis and utilize best practices in on-page SEO. Our content is designed not just to engage but also to rank.

The turnaround time varies based on the type and complexity of the content. For instance, a standard blog post might take a week, while an in-depth whitepaper or e-book might take a month. We’ll provide specific timelines once we understand your requirements.

Our pricing is based on the scope of work. We offer project-based pricing, monthly retainers, or hourly rates, depending on what makes the most sense for your needs.

Both. We can help develop a new content strategy or refine and optimize your existing one. Our approach is always tailored to your business goals and audience needs.

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Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, a B2B business or B2C, or B2B2C (or any other alphabet combination), WE are here to help you and your business.