Transformative B2B SaaS Marketing Services

Your product is great but is your marketing plan great, too? One simply doesn’t succeed without the other. When it comes to selling your SaaS product, it is a challenge to find new leads, nurture them and convert them into paying customers. Stratigia helps you nail all these steps. We develop a custom-made digital marketing solution for your B2B SaaS company to cement your brand name in the market.

Transformative B2B SaaS Marketing Services

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360-Degree B2B SaaS Marketing Services

Get comprehensive B2B SaaS marketing services at Stratigia to convert your prospects into paying clients. We work on market analysis, growth objectives, keyword research, content modeling, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and more to execute a winning B2B marketing plan to sell your SaaS product.

competitor assessment

Competitor Market Assessment

Looking to drive your B2B engagement level? The first step is to get ahead of your competition. Your Stratigia team will launch a strategic initiative of competitor analysis to learn where the traffic is currently headed. With the right information available, we devise a cutting-edge solution to pull your prospects to your website. Get ready to rejuvenate your brand’s reputation and capitalize on your market niche through analytics-based research methods.

content strategizing

Content Strategizing

A solid content strategy is aligned with your target customers' requirements and your company's marketing objectives. We help you deliver on both by considering your SaaS MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) requirements for the next quarter/year and crafting a customized content development plan. With value-driven content rich in relevance and depth, we entice more customers to your website and expedite the growth of your SaaS product.

on page and technical seo

On-Page and Technical SEO Optimization

Your product solves a need but not enough people know about it. Well, the answer is to get more site traffic. We do this by executing proven steps such as adding meta titles and descriptions, keyword and technical optimization, internal link building, and conversion optimization. This allows your SaaS page to rank higher on the search engine, guaranteeing more qualified leads. We use metric-based strategies to ensure the plan gets you measurable and demonstrable results.

link building

Link Building

Blaze a trail in your industry and earn referrals through an indomitable link-building plan. Our outreach specialists will develop relevant relationships and expand your network to improve your SERP position. By creating high-quality backlinks, we not only help you get organic traffic but also set you up as a leading voice in the market.


Our SaaS Marketing Results

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B2B SaaS Marketing Services

Our experienced B2B marketing strategists develop and execute plans to catapult your SaaS product to the top. Through competitor research, content development, and on- and off-page optimization plans, we empower you to engage your audience, attract more leads and convert them into loyal clients. Our framework includes the steps below:




In-depth analysis


Content strategy


Content Optimization


Content creation


Website development


Content promotion


Performance analysis

Cutting-Edge B2B SaaS Marketing Services

marketing planning

Niche-specific Marketing

Sell your technical SaaS product to businesses confidently. We develop a niche-specific marketing plan to attract the right customers to your website.

special content

Special Content and optimization planning

If your SaaS product meets the needs of several businesses – both small and large scale – we help you target both by creating specialized content and optimization plans.

valuble content

Valuable Content Creation and Search engine rankings

Allow businesses to find your SaaS product through improved search engine ranking and valuable content addition on your website. We help your productivity tool reach more people in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B SaaS marketing is a type of marketing that is tailored to SaaS (software-as-a-service) products. By their nature, SaaS products are ever-evolving, with modifications, updates, and other changes expected down the line. Furthermore, they are mostly subscription-based as opposed to products that are single-purchase in nature. B2B SaaS marketing considers all the above to improve your product’s position on the search engine, get more prospects, and convert more leads into paying clients.

Market competition, in addition to the factors described above, can make it difficult for B2B SaaS companies to retain existing customers or gain the attention of new prospective customers. You need a B2B SaaS marketing agency when your revenue generation plateaus and your current marketing plan stops getting you more leads. Through implementing proven inbound marketing steps, a B2B SaaS marketing agency catalyzes your growth.

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting your target customers to your website by answering their needs. SaaS-specific marketing plans such as market and competitor research, keyword-rich content development, and on- and off-page SEO optimization improves a SaaS product’s search engine ranking, allowing it to drive more site traffic, secure more customers, and lock sustainable business growth.

The cost of B2B SaaS marketing is determined by factors like your product’s scope and your company’s growth objective. To give you an estimate, B2B SaaS marketing costs anywhere between USD xxx to xxx.

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