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We have grown these SaaS brands through Content Marketing.

Our Proven SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

Our SaaS Content Marketing Consultancy focuses first on building & Improving content that attracts qualified leads and works in parallel to increase traffic & earn backlinks.

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Step 1

Content Audit & Analysis

We start with doing an in-depth Content Audit to understand and analyze;

  • Where is your SaaS currently as far as its Content Authority?
  • What type of existing bottom-funnel pages ( features, solutions, comparison, etc.) do we have, and the results are they getting? 
  • Who are your top competitors, and the type and quantity of Content do they have?
  • Where do you want your SaaS Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) to be in the next quarter/year?
  • What type and quantity of pages and blog posts will we need to create/update to get ROI value from the content?
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Step 2

Create SaaS Content Strategy

After a good understanding of current Content health and business metrics, we prepare a SaaS Content Strategy that aligns with your long and short-term Content / SEO & business growth targets. 

  • Define what Content activities need to be done to reach our targeted growth goal ( traffic, trials, conversions, MRR). From defining the type and quantity of content to be updated/created ( feature pages, solution pages, comparison pages, blog posts) to other on-page content optimizations on the website ( Speed Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Readability, Images SEO) 
  • Highlight and Prioritize existing growth opportunities in the Content that have traffic as well as conversion impact in a short period (Feature / Solution pages Optimization, SERP features, Internal Linking from blog posts to targeted pages)
  • Provide a roadmap of Content improvement and development plan, which first focuses on existing content SEO optimization opportunities and works in parallel to create & expand new ROI-led content opportunities.
content marketing execution
Step 3

Content Marketing Execution

We implement the Content Marketing strategy identified to start getting more organic traffic & results from content for your SaaS. Here is what a typical Content Marketing Plan for SaaS looks like;

  • Execute low-hanging Content optimization opportunities at the start that drives quick results. Starting from fixing key Onpage SEO elements ( Meta Title, Descriptions, Headings) to improving the quality of the content (key product pages)
  • Fill in essential content gaps or expand your reach by adding more targeted & intent-driven content such as comparison pages, integration pages, and industry pages.
  • Increase topical authority and ranking on the primary keyword/content pillar by building content around the primary topic and passing internal links and authority to the pillar pages.
content performance monitoring
Step 4

Content Performance Monitoring

We routinely monitor and report on the performance of Content Marketing activities, especially its growth towards attracting high-quality, intent-driven traffic.

  • Content performance, specifically for money pages (features, solutions, comparison) and how they are contributing to the bottom line objectives
  • Overall growth in organic traffic at a content level and how many trials/signups/conversions it's driving 
  • Content visibility & PR - i.e., how many backlinks link-bait content is earning on its own
expand and dominant organic
Step 5

Expand & Dominante Organic Reach through Content

Our SaaS Content Marketing Strategy initially ( first 3-5 months) focuses on gaining quicker traction through working on existing Content improvement opportunities and then filling the gap for essential money pages. Once we achieve results from the initial baseline improvements and developments, we identify the best content opportunities (traffic-bait, link-bait, and BoFu pillow content to expand on more ROI-led content.

  • Start improving traffic & conversions from new & previously untapped content opportunities. 
  • Increase overall organic presence and be found on more intent-driven keywords and content 
  • Keep on decreasing the cost of acquiring new trials and increase the number of content assets that drive conversions.

Our SaaS Content Marketing Results

Don't take our word for it; here are some happy SaaS businesses raving about us.

All the SEO-driven content your SaaS needs

Why work with our SaaS Content Marketing Agency to Grow your SaaS?

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Our agency provides Content Marketing Services only for SaaS

Our agency is super-focused, and we only work with and provide Content Marketing Services for SaaS companies. So we have the right Content Marketing experts in our team, whether it's writing new content, editing / optimizing existing content, or building a full-scale content strategy. Also, more than 50% of people have worked in a B2B SaaS company before joining us and have substantial experience writing content for SaaS.

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We create content focused on increasing your SaaS MRR

Not all content is equal; some are designed for traffic, some on links, and some on conversions. Our initial content strategy focuses on building / improving content intended to attract and convert subscribers for your SaaS.

saas content marketing services

Affordable & Cost-Effective SaaS Content Marketing Services

By focusing on the bottom of the funnel-led content, we attract potential customers much quicker than standard Content Marketing practices, delivering faster SEO ROI for your SaaS with less marketing budget.

And our Answers to the 3 most common SaaS Content Marketing Questions.

A typical Content Marketing or Digital agency generally focuses on producing very top-of-funnel content. Although that content is good and will help drive traffic, it’s not best for conversions. Our Content Marketing Strategy creates a balances Content Strategy with the right mix of traffic, backlinks, and conversion-driven content. 

At a minimum, it takes 3-6 months to start seeing some organic / SEO movement and more than 12 months to see substantial growth. Of course, it all depends on factors such as our current content authority and competitor SEO investments & growth vs. ours. Still, most SaaS companies can experience anywhere from 5%-15% to upwards of 50% growth, quarter over quarter.

The cost of creating Content for SaaS companies depends on multiple factors such as subject matter difficulty, type of content, content, and depth. But if you work with us on an ongoing SaaS SEO Campaign, the cost of a content marketing campaign becomes more affordable and part of the extensive campaign.

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