2x Traffic Growth & 1st Page Ranking on Primary Keyword for Remindax

Overview of Remindax ( Expiration / Appointment Reminder SaaS)

Remindax offers a user-friendly solution for arranging your expiring documents into neatly organised folders, making them simple to categorise and locate. Its interface is both straightforward and comprehensive.

The Problem – Not getting enough organic value

Remindax came to us because they were not getting enough value from search traffic / SEO. They have some organic traffic, but its number is low, and it’s not driving many conversions.

The Solution – Bottom Funnel Optimization

We developed an SEO optimization sprint for Remindax that included optimizing several existing landing pages and creating new landing pages and blog posts.

A – Landing Pages Optimization

Optimized several existing landing pages that were underperforming. 


B – Add new Landing Pages

Added several new landing pages to expand on the reach and capture all potential intent-driven search queries. This helps us have a dedicated landing page for all the different/unique ways a potential prospect might search for software like Remindax.

For example, it is an expiry and appointment reminder software.


C – Created Several Topically Relevant Blog Posts

Remindax lacked the quantity and quality of blog posts. To support our bottom-funnel SEO optimization, we created some intent-driven blog posts to build on topical authority and pass in relevant internal links to the landing pages.


The Results – 2x Traffic + Page 1 ranking for a lot of intent-driven/bottom funnel keywords

A – Improvement in Organic Traffic

The overall organic traffic of Remindax doubled in just a few months


B – Added new pages that started driving intent-driven traffic

Many of the newly created and previous landing pages started to rank for intent-driven keywords. 


C – Primary Keyword Ranking shot to the Top 5

They were never ranked for their primary product keyword before late 2021. They appeared late in 6-10 pages but could never move beyond that.

From our initial optimization, they were quickly able to jump to position 28


And ultimately, the top results

top-results for Remindax

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